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Exceptional Representation

Hussain, Bendersky & Liston is a leading provider of corporate immigration services and employment solutions, having helped our clients employ thousands of exceptional foreign professionals, both temporarily and permanently.  We take pride in assisting corporate clients in the development of comprehensive strategic business planning related to the employment of foreign nationals, meanwhile, encountering—and solving—some of the most complex immigration issues of the day.  Our immigration practice group has over 35 years of combined experience in delivering cutting-edge legal services to multinational corporations and individual clients on issues ranging from visas and work authorization to international intracompany transfers, and ultimately, permanent residence and citizenship.

The clients of Hussain, Bendersky & Liston range from large multinational corporations to small businesses to individual clients across the U.S.  Our clients benefit from our long-term exposure to a wide scope of industries—as well as their individual needs and demands—crossing over from the areas information technology, health care, scientific research and engineering, to financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and retail sales and services.

As a result of our extensive experience, there are no generic approaches to providing client services at Hussain, Bendersky & Liston.  It is our firm belief that the system by which legal services are provided is as important as the quality of the legal services itself.  When first encountering a client’s unique workplace environment, we begin by obtaining a thorough understanding of the company’s business and human resource functional areas, with the goal of developing custom stratagems for providing immigration services custom suited to the corporation or individual client.  As a result, our work crosses over recruiting, human resources, and in-house legal departments as we create an individualized system to most effectively process and monitor individual cases undertaken on their behalf.

Further, understanding the growing burden on these departments as corporations constantly streamline themselves to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, international economy, we take every step to work with foreign-national candidates in the areas of information and documentation collection, while being careful to not infringe on the authority of these departments.  We seek how best to alleviate the administrative burden of our clients, including providing legal counsel on specific immigration queries of foreign nationals, with no involvement of additional fees.

The legal expertise, quality control systems and internal tracking processes we have developed allow corporations to entrust their entire immigration function to our firm with confidence, while keeping them constantly aware of each legal step taken on their behalf.  We furnish employers with case updates and time-lines for all matters our firm handles, so that our client can be more responsive to its employees and keep better track of the progress of pending cases with the ultimate goal of employee retention.  Additionally, we offer our clients periodic complementary informational seminars to ensure your professionals remain abreast of any crucial developments in law affecting your business.

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